Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello and Welcome

Some people are Anglophiles, others are Francophiles, I’m a Europhile. My dad emigrated here from Germany in the 60’s and from a very young age I flew back and forth to Germany to visit relatives on a regular basis. This may sound like quite a privileged life I led, and it was in a way, but the travel was due to my father’s employment as a mechanic for Lufthansa, not a big bank account. We sometimes went for extended weekends and once, my parents dropped me off there for the whole summer. Looking back now, perhaps that three month stint qualifies me as an ex-pat of sorts. Even then I knew these times abroad were special and I appreciated the smells, colors and tastes of that Teutonic land.

Later, in my early 20’s my boyfriend (now husband) and I set off on our own trans- European adventure that lasted six months and even included northern Africa. Since then we have traveled about in the Caribbean and explored more of Europe. In 2005 we fell in love with the Czech Republic and in 2007 we took our girls there for their first trip overseas.

These trips taught me many things which I hope to explore in this blog. Our travels however have come to an abrupt halt as the economy stalled and daily it seems to get harder to make ends meet. Perhaps feeling like I can’t travel has made me nostalgic for more robust days and this blog will help me remember all I have to be thankful for and maybe even lead to new uncharted adventures.

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