Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I love fireworks – 4th of July fireworks, opening ceremony fireworks but especially "capitalist" fireworks. The light shows in the sky are magical, bringing out the kid in everyone. This year I’ll be watching our town’s annual show which is near a river. The reflection of the streaming sparkles on the water creates a lovely twinkly effect. But my favorite fireworks show to date was in the Czech Republic.

On the evening of the day we arrived, we happened upon a church holding a chamber music concert. Come to find out there are concerts everywhere in Prague. The husband was nodding off, teetering dangerously on the edge of snoring when something like cannon shots startled him from his languor. He nearly fell off the bench. Disapproving heads turned in our direction. Thankfully we were sitting in the back and it was easy to sneak out unnoticed.

Outside we could see fireworks of every color being launched from a boat in the Vlatava River. We watched from the middle of the Charles Bridge wondering what the occasion was. In a way, we felt like this was an auspicious welcome to this amazing city. Afterwards, we asked a shop owner about the reason for the event. His reply was “We are a capitalist country now. We can have fireworks whenever we want.” Here's to freedom and prosperity for all in the coming year!

Happy Independence Day!

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